When people decide to buy property abroad, they do it for several reasons. They may be buying a home to retire to someday, or they may relocate permanently.

However, a growing number of people are also investing in vacation homes and vacation rentals as a way to create income. Most vacation home buyers choose condos because they are easier to manage from afar.

When tourists are looking for a place to stay, they often pick hotels. However, condominiums have become popular in recent years.

Condo-hotels are a combination of a hotel and an individually-owned condo.

What is a Condo-Hotel?

A condo-hotel is a condominium with hotel-like amenities. Condo hotels are a great place for family getaways. They provide comfortable accommodations with easy access to nearby dining, entertainment, and other family activities.

Condominium-hotels differ from timeshares in that the purchaser is not purchasing a unit for him or herself but rather a piece of real estate.

The purchaser plans to make money by renting out the property for short-term stays. Condo-hotels come in many different shapes and sizes, depending on what market you want to target and what your personal needs are.

A condo-hotel is a type of housing that combines the benefits of owning a home and renting a hotel room.

Virtually maintenance-free, condo-hotels rely on a staff of housekeeping, concierge, and other hotel staff members for their many facilities in order to offer a luxury living experience.

Buying and Owning a Condo-Hotel Unit in Mexico

You’re the owner of a condo-hotel unit in Mexico. You can arrange to stay on your own property when you want to, and all proceeds are yours to keep.

Your unit is furnished and maintained. You can sell or inherit your property at any time.

But you need to let the on-site management company know if the property will be vacant for more than 30 days at a time. They’ll let you know if there are scheduled renters coming in during that time.

5 Reasons You Should Invest in a Mexican Condo-Hotel

1. Rental Income

Revenue stream by renting it out your Condo-hotel when you are not using it. Investing in a Mexican condo-hotel gives you the opportunity to have a second income stream.

2. High ROI that’s Affordable

An investment in a Mexican condo-hotel can give you a great return on your money without breaking the bank. Mexico is a great market for first-time investors or anyone who is looking for fun and affordable real estate abroad.

3. Easy to Maintain Real Estate

A Mexican condo-hotel makes an attractive and hassle-free investment. No need to maintain the yard or exterior yourself. Leave that work to someone else.

4. Less Expensive

Owning a condo-hotel in Mexico can be less expensive than owning property on the U.S. mainland or in other countries. Buying a condominium in Mexico is cheaper than buying a normal house.

5. Perfect investment for Renters

Mexican Condo-Hotels is a great choice for vacation-rental investors. They offer four different rental options: monthly, weekly, midweek, and daily. It’s great to have the flexibility of choosing short-term vacations over longer stays.

Where to buy a Condo-Hotel in Mexico?

Are you looking to buy a condo-hotel in Mexico?
If so, then look no farther than Riviera Maya, a popular vacation and retirement destination that boasts the highest ROI in all of Mexico.

Buying a condo-hotel in Riviera Maya can be a great investment. As the area has some of the highest ROIs up to 15% and is home to some of the most popular vacation rental destinations in all of Mexico.

The best condo-hotel locations in Riviera Maya, Mexico include Tulum and Playa del Carmen.


Are you interested in finding a Condo-Hotel in Riviera Maya Mexico? Then you will need the help of a qualified and trained Real estate agent.

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