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This guide has been designed especially for you, so that you can find the motivation to build your financial freedom in the Riviera Maya of Mexico.
Discover different strategies to make your retirement the best investment of your life.
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Why You should Invest in Tulum right now?
Secure Rental Income in the world’s most beautiful beach destination! Growing market! Unbeatable Investment property!
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Exclusive Private Gated Community, Tulum, Quintana Roo


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Brand-new development that combines the amenities of a world-class resort, with all the benefits of full residential ownership.

Real Estate is better for your RETIREMENT than CONVENTIONAL INVESTMENTS. Learn how to solve your top retirement challenges using smart wealth-building strategy that are designed to offer protection from ongoing stock market volatility

Individuals move to Mexico for different reasons. A few migrate as a result of work exchange, others take advantage of Web innovations and hunt for a magnificent put to work remotely from. What is more, Mexico was voted a perfect retirement area, pulling in thousands of senior individuals from the U.S., Canada, Asia, and Europe each year. What makes Mexico such an awesome nation to live within? The reply is simple: sunny climate and low cost of living. But even if you're not prepared to move to Mexico yourself, you'll be able purchase property in Maya Riviera and lease it to receive passive income

The Quickest Developing Cities within the World Playa del Carmen and Tulum have been developing exponentially over the past few years, drawing in intrigued from the media and, in return, making a difference Mexico genuine estate become one of the foremost curiously ventures accessible worldwide”

There are bounty of openings to contribute within the Riviera Maya. Depending on your technique you'll be able to contribute to improvement and development or in an incomeproducing property. Indeed contributing in land for appreciation is an alternative, as the costs within the Riviera are continually rising.”






Selling your home can be a huge undertaking. Whatever the situation, we're here to help and will make the process super simple for you with a few easy steps. We keep all information confidential and secure.

1. Understand the Process you Purchased

We will schedule a zoom call to discover your best option and evaluate your cash discount

2. Getting Answer to your Initial Questions

We will setup a conference call with your English speaking Mexican lawyer.

3. Offer to Purchase (OPT)

We will be prepared it for the seller. The OTP will clearly the outline final sale & terms of the transaction


We will submit the OTP to the seller along with a copy of the Good Faith deposit being held by your attorney, and terms are agreed upon.


Your attorney will draw up a deal contract (Promise to Purchase Agreement). Upon acknowledge by the seller, a Good Faith Deposit is required to purchase price. The deposit is held by your attorney until closing.

6. Closing

Your attorney will setup the bank trust or Mexican corporation and research the title. A closing will be scheduled with the Notary

Why Choose Us

The mission is to encourage and materialize your dreams, be your communications channel and assist you discover the property of your dreams. We accept in doing things right in arrange to set up long-term connections with our clients and be with them each step of the way in making a real-estate speculation.

Our objective is to working in pair with bigger property-development firms in Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Puerto Aventuras, in arrange to strike the idealize adjust between finding you a lovely excursion domestic whereas moreover guaranteeing a sound return on your investment. Our encounter and on-site nearness gives us the included esteem managed by an in-depth information of the property improvements with which we work; our persistent consider of the Mexican Caribbean advertise puts us in a position to offer leading-edge benefits and returns on venture, with a assortment of realestate choices accessible, extending from the conventional to the imaginative, in areas all through the Riviera Maya, counting Tulum, Puerto Aventuras and Puerto Morelos in conjunction with Playa del Carmen.

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For a foreigner (anyone who is not a Mexican National or has Mexican heritage) there are two ways of legally owning property in Mexico. Seeking international investment, the Mexican government has gone to great lengths to make the process safe and simple. You will take title in one of two ways: either through a Fideicomiso which is a bank-held trust, or through a Mexican corporation. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Why Invest in Tulum Real Estate in Mexico?

Purchasing real estate in Tulum is one of the best investments you can make right now, with luxury condos in Tulum outperforming the stock market by 8-13 percent.

According to estimates, the average annual projected return on most financial markets is between 5.43 percent. The majority of people plan to use this money to fund their retirement.

When yearly inflation rates (roughly -1.6 percent per year) are taken into account, the 6-7 percent figure drops to between 4.4 and 5.4 percent.

Why is real estate in Mexico preferable to stocks?

According to estimates, the average annual projected return on most financial markets is between 5.43 percent. The majority of people plan to usaReal estate is inherently anti-inflationary. Since 2000, it has consistently delivered returns of 10.71 percent or more. Since 2000, real estate has outperformed the stock market by a factor of two. This is becoming more profitable as the 10.71 percent compounded. That is why real estate investors outperform other types of investors and are more stable investors over time.e this money to fund their retirement.

As a result, many investors are putting their money into beach real estate in Mexico rather than stocks. It's the smarter and safer choice!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions.

-Absolutely Not.

Mexican law states that the government may not directly or indirectly, expropriate property except for a public purpose such as building roads. This can only happen through a legal condemnation process. In the rare case where it is necessary to expropriate land, the government will pay swift and fair market compensation to
Title insurance is commonly used in U.S. and Canada, but not in Mexico. Your attorney and Notary will verify that the title is free of any encumbrance.If you do wish to purchase Title Insurance, your realtor should be able to provide information on a number of insurance companies. Typically, a policy will cost between $500 -$900 USD for residential and $10,000 -$50,000 USD for a hotel acquisition (depending on the purchase price and value). A preliminary title search will cost between $1500 – $1800 USD to approve a policy for a prospective buyer.
Mexican law does not allow punitive dam- ages to be applied in a legal case and very few frivolous lawsuits are filed in Mexico.
Therefore, property insurance is very inex- pensive.
All beaches in Mexico are owned by the Federal Government so anyone may use them. You have a right to walk on the beach anywhere in Mexico
Annual property taxes are one tenth of one percent (.01%) For example, the owner of a $500,000 USD condominium would pay $500 USD annually.
The Capital Gains Tax Rate is 30% of the profit from selling your property. Due to generous tax deductions, most people end up paying between 5-10%.

All of this sound good to you?

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